House Lifting & Raising in Gainesville

Do you hit your head constantly because your basement or crawl space is too low? For those who need more space but do not want their backyards taken over by an extension, we offer a solution. Exhausted by paying high floors insurance premiums? Consider a different option. Upgrade!

If the location of your house is such that water might collide with your foundation and compromise it, you should fix the sloping problem. Raising a house will eliminate the risk of water eroding the slab. Gainesville Foundation Repair Experts utilizes a variety of excellent specialized foundation systems and established elevation techniques to safely and cost-effectively raise homes. The revision of the flood map and the local ordinance will determine whether this process is successful. Sandy Brackets are helical brackets that homeowners can use to raise their homes.

You Want More Space?

You might consider adding a second floor and raising your home if you are thinking about extending your house. If you raise your home, you can create a full basement from your crawl space or raise the ceiling in your basement. In addition to the methods listed above, there are other ways to double your square footage at a low cost. You can add the same amount of space in other ways while saving 60 – 70% by finishing the basement or first floor. An added benefit of raising your house as opposed to adding an extension is keeping your backyard. Most residential lots in cities are small, which means there is not much outdoor space. By raising your house, you can expand your outdoor space.

Flood Protection

A suburb near water is either a freshwater zone prone to flooding, a wetlands, or a low-bank property along the seashore. The house may need to be relocated or elevated in several cases due to high water. Our lift service is available when your house has been flooded, so that you are not affected by further flooding. We can also offer preventive measures to make sure that you will not be affected by flooding in the future. Houselifting can help mitigate other impacts of climate change, including increasing sea level and increasing flooding.

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